USA: Games of Thrones actors hold Comic Con panel after key figures drop out

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Several actors from the Game of Thrones TV series held their final panel at Comic-Con in San Diego on Friday. This year some of the key showrunners dropped out after an online campaign threatening to shame them at the event. Most of them said they had scheduling conflicts.

The meeting began with actors raising empty coffee cups left on stage in reference to a blunder in the show’s final season. The cast members faced questions from a moderator during the hour-long session.

“I thought it was a great ending. I thought it was perfect for the characters ending in the arms of Cercei. It made sense to me”, said actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau when asked about the disappointment among many fans with the show’s finale. He added that most of them were going to feel dissatisfied simply because the series ended.

Other cast members spoke about their gratitude for being part of the show. “We didn’t know where it was gonna go. Nobody knew how big it was gonna get and all of us here feel absolutely blessed to have been part of it as much as we are all fans of the show. We all did our little bit”, said actor Liam Cunningham.

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