USA: General John Raymond sworn in as Chief of first US Space Force

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US Vice President Mike Pence presided the swearing in ceremony of of the first ever Chief of Space Operations for the new US Space Force, General John W. Raymond, at the White House in Washington DC on Tuesday.

“In each of his roles over the last 35 years, General Raymond has excelled, he has led with distinction,” Pence said. “The next year is going to be a busy year, and we are going to see literally thousands of Air Force personnel added to the roles of the Space Force.”

“We do not want a conflict to begin or extend into space, we want to deter that conflict from happening,” Raymond said.

On December 21, US President Donald Trump announced the establishment of the Space Force military branch as he signed a National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA).

The Space Force will fall under the Department of the Air Force but is set to be a distinct military service.

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