USA: Judge moves for new trial following $289 million Roundup verdict

A California judge moved to grant agrochemical giant Monsanto a new trial on Wednesday, following a jury verdict in August which found the herbicide Roundup had caused Dewayne Johnson’s terminal cancer and ordered Monsanto to pay Johnson $289 million (€253 million).

Monsanto immediately appealed the verdict in August.

David Levine, a law professor who attended the hearing, explained that appealing a jury verdict is “standard practice” for the losing side, adding “the judge’s job is to decide, was the minimum met or not, and so Monsanto is saying the minimum was not met.”

According to reports, the San Francisco superior court judge Suzanne Bolanos claimed there was insufficient evidence to justify the award for punitive damages.

Johnson had worked as a groundskeeper for years, and claimed that using the herbicide Roundup had led to him developing terminal cancer.

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