USA: Muslim volunteers maintain DC’s cleanliness affected by shutdown

Volunteers from the Muslim Youth group of the Ahmadiyya Association picked up litter on the National Mall in Washington DC on Saturday, in a bid to maintain the city’s cleanliness which was affected by the ongoing government shutdown.

This is the second weekend that the volunteers from the Ahmadiyya group cleaned up the lawn of the Mall. One of them explained that it was their duty as citizens to do so, against the backdrop of the lack of service caused by the government shutdown.

“So we felt that during this time, when the services are shut down, that it falls on us as citizens, as residents of America; a civic duty as well as a religious duty to go and serve the city and the country we live in, and help clean it up, because cleaning is also part of our faith,” said Imam Hammad Ahmad, American Fazl Mosque of Washington.

Even though the National Park Services announced this Friday that they would resume to pick up the trash in several parks, including the National Mall in DC, the Ahmadiyya group decided to show up and check if there were any loose pieces of garbage left.

“We wanted to make sure that we make another visit and make sure that there isn’t any extraordinary trash left over,” said Ali Chaudhry, regional youth leader at Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association.

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