USA: No-Deal Brexit unlikely before October 31 – UK House Speaker

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Speaker of the UK House of Commons John Bercow said a No-Deal Brexit is unlikely to happen before the deadline of October 31. Bercow was speaking to students during a Q&A session called “Brexit for Breakfast” at New York University on Monday.

“Is a No-Deal Brexit before the 31st of October possible? Not unless parliament changes the law. I cannot see that happening unless parliament changes the law, and I’m not expecting that to happen, but other people might have a different view,” said Bercow.

Bercow defended his role as the House of Commons reaffirming his impartiality over the course of Brexit talks in Westminster. “As speaker all I have ever been seeking to do is to facilitate the desire of the House of Commons of which speaker I am the chair,” he said.

Bercow, who is now touring the US as a guest speaker, recently announced he will stand down as the House of Commons Speaker by the end of October.

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