USA: Pro-choice march in San Francisco defies abortion bans

Hundreds of people gathered in San Francisco’s City Hall on Tuesday to protest against the anti-abortion law that was recently passed in Alabama.

The protesters were chanting “my body, my choice” and carrying banners supporting women’s reproductive rights.

Among the protesters was Gilda Gonzales, CEO of Planned Parenthood in Northern California who stated: “Our organisation is under attack throughout this country. Women, especially poor women are under attack. Safe, legal abortion is under attack.”

The march in San Francisco follows a wave a protests across the country after Alabama passed a law which banned abortion in almost all cases. Sixteen other states are looking to follow suit.

Supporters of Alabama’s abortion ban say they expect the law to be blocked in court, but hope that the appeals process will bring it before the US Supreme Court.

They hope the highest court in the land will overturn the 1973 Roe v Wade ruling which made abortion a right across the US.

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