USA: Robert Durst pleads not guilty to murder of Susan Berman

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New York real estate heir Robert Durst pleaded not guilty to the 2000 murder of his close friend Susan Berman at his arraignment trial at the Airport Courthouse in Los Angeles on Friday.

Footage shows Durst as Judge Mark E. Windham reads out the charges laid against him, as well as when Durst stands to plea “I am not guilty your honour, I do not know who killed Susan Berman and I did not do it. I deny the allegations, I am not guilty.”

Durst is suspected to be linked to three murders, of his wife Kathleen McCormack Durst, who disappeared in New York 1982, of Susan Berman in California in 2000, and of Morris Black in Texas in 2001. He was acquitted of the murder of Black in 2003, but found guilty of dismembering him.

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