USA: San Fran locals react to Trump’s social media order

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Locals in San Francisco voiced their opinion about the latest social media order signed by US President, Donald Trump, on Thursday, as they passed by the Twitter’s headquarters.

The US president signed an executive order aimed at narrowing protections for the social media companies from liability over the content posted on their platforms, two days after Twitter fact-checked two of Trump’s tweets.

“Just because he felt he was personally attacked like taking action against the platform is, it’s wrong for the freedom of speech like especially there are so many users who are using Twitter to express their views and opinions and taking action against Twitter just because someone pointed out his tweet it’s wrong,” said one of the passers-by.

Another one added, “He really has a lot of problems to solve, like COVID-19 and patients and our employment, so it’s not necessary to spend effort on listings.”

On Tuesday, Twitter placed fact-checking warnings on two of Trump’s tweets that claimed, without evidence, that casting ballots by mail leads to widespread voter fraud.

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