USA: ‘Strange’ photo of Hitler hugging Jewish girl goes up for auction

Two rare World War II-era relics, captured in footage filmed Thursday, are set to be auctioned in Chesapeake City, Maryland on November 13th.

The Alexander Historical Auctions will be offering a photograph of Adolf Hitler with a young German girl named Rosa Bernile Nienau, who became his “little sweetheart.” The picture inscribed by Hitler himself was taken in Berghof where the young girl was introduced to him as they both shared the same birthday.

“The interesting thing about this piece is that Rosa by German standards was considered Jewish what’s particularly interesting is that Hitler who had very fond feelings for the girl continued his relationships with her even after he learned she was Jewish,” Auctioneer Bill Panagopulos of the Alexander Historical Auctions said.

Panagopulos added that this unique document giving a glimpse to the other “human” side of Hitler is “is absolutely anathema to what the world believes him to have been.” The estimate bidding price of the photograph is $8000 (€7050).

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