USA: Tell-all Trump book by president”s niece hits bookshelves in DC

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A book about US President Donald Trump written by his niece Mary Trump hit bookshelves in Washington DC on Tuesday. The president’s brother Robert Trump, who is not Mary’s father, failed in a legal bid to block the book, titled ‘Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,’ from being published on Monday, after a judge in New York lifted a temporary restraining order that had barred his niece from publishing or distributing it. “She’s using her experience as a trained psychologist to look at the overall picture of corruption and what is the mental state of both Donald Trump, and his enablers,” said journalist and author Andrew Kreig. Mary Trump is the daughter of the president’s deceased older brother, Fred Trump Jr, who died as a result of alcoholism in 1981. President Trump has argued that his niece was barred from publishing the book, which the Trump administration has dismissed as inaccurate, as she had signed a non-disclosure agreement in relation to a 2001 settlement following litigation brought over the will of the president’s father, Fred Trump. The book contains numerous potentially damaging allegations about the president including the claim that he paid someone else to take his university entrance exams and describes Trump as a narcissist who was scarred for life by his father, who is called a “high-functioning sociopath” by the author.

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