USA: Thousands of coronavirus-hit aircraft carrier personnel to be quarantined in Guam

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Mandatory credit: DVIDS

Thousands of crew members are expected to be evacuated from the coronavirus-hit aircraft carrier and quarantined in Guam, as Acting Navy Secretary, Thomas B. Modly said at a news conference at the Pentagon in Washington DC, Wednesday.

The statement was made after dozens of Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier crew members tested positive for the virus.

According to Modly, 2,700 people are expected to be evacuated from the ship, with 1,000 already being taken off it.

“We have 93 positive tests, 86 exhibiting symptoms and seven without symptoms,” he added.

Modly also stressed that some personnel has to stay onboard.

“This ship has weapons on it, it has munitions on it, it has expensive aircraft and it has a nuclear power plant. It requires a certain number of people on that ship to maintain the safety and the security of the ship,” he said.

Mandatory credit: DVIDS

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