USA: UFC champs ‘Bones’ Jones and ‘Lioness’ Nunes face challengers ahead of title fights

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UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones and UFC Women’s Bantamweight and Featherweight Champion Amanda “Lioness” Nunes faced their opponents Thiago Santos and Holly Holm on Monday in Los Angeles, ahead of their July 6 fights.

Jones said he felt “great mentally and physically” and was excited about the fight. Talking about his opponent, the champion said Santos “is capable of a lot of things, he is an athlete, he is very versatile but we believe that he has favourite techniques that he goes to and we prepared ourselves to counter those and to use those to our advantage.”

Nunes thinks defending her title is “going to be amazing for me, especially because I am the first world double champion that is going to go out and defend. And Holly is the only former champion that I didn’t beat yet.”

She also addressed the recent controversy regarding equal pay between men and women in US football and sports in general saying, “I’m definitely with them [US women football national team] and I feel we all together we are going to make this change.”

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