USA: Violent scuffles erupt between ‘Back the Blue”Back the Blue’ and BLM protesters at NYC rally

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Violence broke out in Brooklyn, New York City, as Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter protesters clashed at a pro-police rally on Sunday.

Several confrontations eventually turned to blows, leading police to intervene and in multiple instances arrest members of the unruly crowd.

A woman who was hit in the face during the scuffles, said “I got rocked in the face by a white supremacist, [while] trying to protect his mom.”

The suspect was seen being detained by the police.

Police officers were also seen clashing with protesters, throwing one protester to the ground as they attempted to control the turmoil.

Blue Lives Matter, a counter-movement started in response to BLM, has resurged amid the unrest surrounding several recent killings of African Americans, including George Floyd in Minneapolis.

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