Venezuela’s opposition pushes for opening boarders to US aid | DW News

Venezuela’s opposition is renewing its push to bring in badly-needed humanitarian aid from neighboring countries in defiance of the government and military. With the country facing dire shortages of medicine and basic supplies, more than 100 tons of US aid is still waiting in the Colombian border city of Cucuta. Embattled president Nicolas Maduro has ordered the military to block the supplies from entering Venezuela. He’s called the aid a ‘trojan horse’ and part of a US plot to overthrow his government. In an interview with DW News, opposition leader Juan Guaido has called on the military to switch sides and put the people’s needs first. Meanwhile, the stand-off over aid continues and people keep streaming out of the country. DW’s Felipe Abon-dano has been speaking with some Venezuelan migrants who made it across the border to Colombia.

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