What do the midterm election results mean for US democracy?

One-party dominance over the levers of US power is at an end after the Republicans lost their majority in the House of Representatives to their Democratic rivals following Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Democratic Party control of the lower house takes the steam out of the Republicans’ legislative agenda, and is sure to unnerve President Donald Trump given that prominent Democratic politicians will soon wield subpoena powers on influential House committees.

At the climax of a tumultuous midterm election cycle women candidates won office in historic numbers, with most of them vociferously opposed to Trump. Yet in a midterm election cycle widely viewed as a referendum on Trump and his administration, the much-predicted Democratic ‘blue wave’ did not quite materialise in reality. Republicans tenaciously held on to control of the Senate, highlighting the party’s support in rural states. Meanwhile, Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum narrowly failed to win a key gubernatorial race in Florida.

With the dust still freshly settling after the midterms, The Stream will hold a special town hall-style meeting with our long-standing panel of immigrant Americans. We’ll ask them what results surprised, pleased and disappointed them and consider what the outcome of the midterms means for the future of US democracy.

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