What does Raila Odinga’s withdrawal mean for Kenya’s re-run election?

Kenyaโ€™s October 26th re-run presidential election appears to be in jeopardy after news that one of the main candidates, Raila Odinga, has withdrawn from the race.

Odingaโ€™s announcement follows weeks of protests by his supporters who believe the opposition leader unfairly lost the election. In August, Odinga petitioned the countryโ€™s Supreme Court to annul the election results, claiming ‘illegalities and irregularities’ had taken place. The court agreed and ordered a re-run. But now that Odinga is out of the race, what will happen?

Odinga has said the protests will continue until the oppositionโ€™s demands over election reforms are met. But President Uhuru Kenyatta says voting will not be delayed.

So with Kenyaโ€™s electoral commission, the president, and the opposition deadlocked โ€ฆ what now?

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