Who should be allowed to get help to have kids?

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France is currently debating whether to change its laws on assisted reproduction, possibly extending the right to single women and lesbian couples. Today, only infertile heterosexual couples can avail of such treatments. But this could change as part of a wider bill on bioethics, expected to be passed this year. Gynaecologist and reproduction expert Dr René Frydman gives FRANCE 24 his take on the issue.
Gynaecologist and reproduction expert Dr René Frydman is the man who helped create France’s first test tube baby. He gives FRANCE 24 his opinion on a possible change to the laws on assisted reproduction, saying he believes France should increase the number of genetic tests it allows for embryos in vitro.
However, Frydman remains wary of turning babies into commodities and hopes France’s ban on surrogacy will continue.

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