World Cup 2018: Panini sticker enthusiasts get their game on in Brazil

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In Brazil, adults and children alike are getting stuck into the ultimate retro collectibles. Panini sticker fever sweeps the country as the 2018 World Cup kicks off. Two parliamentary assistants were even fired for swapping stickers during a voting session. Our correspondents check out the craze that’s sweeping Rio de Janeiro.
Also this week, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump met in Singapore on Tuesday. Pyongyang called it the “meeting of the century” while Trump said the talks were “very, very good”. But back at home in the US, the outlook wasn’t necessarily so sunny. We take a look at reactions.
And Bill Clinton has just released a novel entitled “The President Is Missing”. He was however very present when it came to doing press for the publication. The former president sat down with journalists in Washington to talk about this change of direction and his vision of today’s politics.

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