Xi Jinping: Is there a new cult of personality in China?

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IN THE WORLD PAPERS – Monday, March 12: The Chinese papers react to Western critics after constitutional amendments abolish presidential term limits. In other news, we look at reactions to Marine Le Pen’s proposed name change for her French far-right National Front party. Also, Russian officials are using raffle draws to entice voters to the polling stations next weekend. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe faces a new political scandal and the Guardian gives us some “doomsday prepper kit” advice!
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A look at the case for abolishing presidential term limits in China by the Global Times and the case against it from the Washington Times.
Also, Marine Le Pen wants to change her party’s name to soften its hardline image but is it a case of new name, same old, same old?
Find out how Russian officials are trying to entice voters to the polling stations next weekend through raffles and selfie competitions!
Finally, the Guardian puts together some useful advice for surviving Doomsday (and having enough to eat!)

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