Yemen: Funerals held for civilians killed in Saudi-led coalition strikes

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Funerals for the victims of recent Saudi-led coalition air strikes were held after Friday prayers in Sanaa. Footage shows victims’ relatives chanting slogans while carrying green-coloured coffins.

A Houthi-run TV channel reported that eight civilians were killed and 77 others including women and children wounded in the attacks on a residential area in the capital on May 16.

The Saudi-led coalition issued a statement saying the strikes were aimed at “neutralising the ability of the Houthi militia to carry out acts of aggression.”

But local residents say there were no military targets in the area. “It is clear that the Saudi-American aggression targeted the house of those who were sleeping in the early hours of Thursday morning,” said Ahmed Daoud, a relative of one of the victims.

Since then, the coalition said it was investigating what it called the “possibility of an accidental air strike.”

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