Yemeni family transforms war-destroyed car into shop

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An innovative family living in war-torn Yemen have found a way to make a living amid difficult circumstances by transforming their heavily damaged car into a makeshift shop.

Majd al-Din al-Shamiri was seen running the business near Taiz on Wednesday. He sold products to local residents through the window of the vehicle, which apparently sustained damage as a result of the conflict. Children in particular were seen shopping for sweets and chocolate bars at the vehicle-turned-shop.

“The idea came to me after the war and the destruction that took place in our country, so I found my father’s car after its destruction in the war and had to use it as a shop to be able to help my family and provide a living of two meals a day,” said Majd al-Din al-Shamiri.

“Customers visit my shop often, mostly on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays,” he stated.

Local residents commented favourably on the initiative of the al-Shamiri family. “Despite the destruction and siege in Yemen and salaries that were cut for several years, people are still innovating things to provide a living and fight for it,” stated a Taiz local. Another said he hopes that others will follow in the same spirit by coming up with different ways to support their families.

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