Yorkshire brewery creates Brexit ALE – “Leave Pale or Remain Bitter”

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The United Kingdom’s impending departure from the European Union has been a source of inspiration for a brewery in Malton, North Yorkshire, which has created a ‘Brexit Ale’ with which Britons can remove the bitter taste in their mouths from the apparently neverending divorce process. Master brewer Howard Kinder demonstrated the production of the 3.2 percent ABV ale, in Malton on Friday.

Kinder said, “the Brexit beer is called ‘Leave Pale or Remain Bitter – You Decide’. And what we’ve done is we’ve taking 52% of our Pale Ale, mixed it with 47% of our Bitter, as per the referendum result — mixed the two together and we’ve fermeted it in champagne yeast, to add a champagne twist,” he said.

“And then what we’ve done is — in each bottle we’ve left a little bit of a champagne yeast in, and that then ferments the beer naturally in the bottle, and the yeast then drops to the bottom, and we call that ‘the Irish Backstop’,” he added.

Describing how he came up with the idea, Kinder added, “literally, I had a dream. I dreamt it. And it was around March last year, I could just remember dreaming it — I got up and I thought ‘What a good idea.’ I wrote it down just in case I forgot the dream in the morning. And then the next day, I came down the brewery and then made the first brew. And it’s really gone from there.”

The United Kingdom will officially exit the EU at 11 p.m. local time on Friday, January 31.

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