77 y/o Chinese veteran spins on horizontal bar and amazes social media with his strength

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Piao Shangyuan, a retired soldier, is not your typical ‘grandpa’. At 77 years old, he is going stronger than ever by doing dozens of spins in a row on a horizontal bar, as seen in a park in China’s Anshan, on October 23.

Shangyuan used to serve Air Force Ground in China and started to exercise with horizontal bars after he retired. He shares videos of his practices on social media, where he has over 260,000 followers on the Chinese video-sharing mobile app Kwai.

Shangyuan wishes he encourage more people to exercise with his videos, saying that ”the healthy body is good for the individual but also the country. We all should exercise more.”


SOT, Piao Shangyuan, Ex-soldier (Mandarin): ”I started to exercise after I retired. I didn’t have time and energy when I was still working. Now I have the facility and time to do exercise. The parks now are equipped with fitness equipment, so I can do exercise during leisure time. I think health is more important than anything.”

SOT, Piao Shangyuan, Ex-soldier (Mandarin): ”I want to say to my followers on social media, let’s go and exercise together. The healthy body is good for both individuals and the country. We all should exercise more.”

SOT, Piao Jinlan, Piao’s Sister (Mandarin): ”My brother is old, but he is strong and flexible. He doesn’t have any diseases and is always happy.”

SOT, Zhao Yongming, Friend of Piao (Mandarin): ”He (Mr Piao) is so healthy now. He isn’t like a 77-year-old man.”

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