“Amazing Graze”! Chinese restaurant enlists alpacas to charm customers

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A restaurant in the Chinese city of Shenyang has brought in two baby alpacas as waiters, though what they have been serving primarily is cuteness and polite stares while patrons munch on their food.

Their ‘shear’ cuteness was on full display on Thursday, as they charmed the restaurant-goers with ‘graze’ and beauty.

The idea to bring the two furry attendants in came from the Shu Dong Ting Bar & Restaurant’s first location, which is nestled in Dalian’s mountains and boasts alpaca-friendly weather.

Restaurant owner Zhao Jiaxin said he wanted to bring urban dwellers the unique experience of touching and seeing “nature.” By doing so, Shenyang residents can finally fulfill their dreams of interacting with an alpaca over lunch or dinner without having to waste hours of their lives driving to a farm.

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