Armenia: Soldiers, civilians killed as clashes resume on Armenian-Azerbaijani border

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Mandatory credit: 00:00-00:23 Azerbaijani Defence Ministry, 00:23-03:51 Armenian Defence Ministry

A number of Azerbaijani soldiers and civilians were killed as a result of a new escalation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border on Monday.

“Yesterday afternoon, Armenia committed yet another military provocation in the direction of Tovuz on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border. This is not the first time Armenia has committed military provocations on the state border. As a result of these military provocations in the last few months, our servicemen, as well as civilians, have been killed,” Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliev said in a statement on Monday.

The Armenian side has no experienced no casualties, according to the Armenian Defence Ministry’s press service.

Furthermore, as Armenian Defence Minister David Tonoyan stated, Azerbaijani soldiers came to Armenian position for some reason, and left after being ordered so.

“Azerbaijani soldiers could lose their way due to the lack of information. Azerbaijaini soldiers left our territory and got back to their positions. Then the cannonade by 82 mm mortars targeting that position started with soldiers seen moving to that position as well,” he said.

The shelling continued into Monday in, Tonoyan highlighted.

The territorial dispute between the two countries is centered on Nagorno-Karabakh, which currently lies within the borders of Azerbaijan and is run by ethnic Armenians.

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