Baby leopard attacked by mother gets spots back in Chelyabinsk

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Animal rights activist and vet Karen Dallakyan has been giving round-the-clock care to two-week-old leopard cub Eva in Chelyabinsk after she was abandoned by her mother, as shown in footage filmed on Wednesday.

The cub was born in a mobile zoo in Orenburg, but her mother became aggressive, almost killing the little one. Fortunately for Eva, Dallakyan came to her aid.

“We ran to the barn where our goat, our wet-nurse, lives. She was shocked, started bleating and did not understand what was going on. We came and got her out. We said: ‘We are not going to kill you, we just want some milk. We managed to milk about 15 millilitres,” he said.

“In the early days, she could fit into the palm of my hand, now only half of her body fits in my palm,” Dallakyan said, adding that her coat is also becoming silky.

The cub has a good appetite and is gaining weight well, once she’s strong enough Dallakyan will find a good home for her.

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