Beatboxing Japanese Zen Buddhist monk shows how to harmonise belief and passion

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Japanese Zen Buddhist monk, Yogetsu Akasaka, brings his faith in Buddhism together with his passion for music in Tokyo in footage filmed on Thursday.

The 37-year-old monk and musician went viral when he uploaded the meditative music called ”Heart Sutra Live Looping Remix” he beatboxed on YouTube.

Akasaka complained about bias against Buddhist monks saying, ”people believe Buddhism is something for people who died already because they see Buddhist monks do funerals and memorial services which are something for people who died already.”

Akasaka also seemed decisive to change this perception of Buddhism with his type of music.

”What I want to share with my music is a meditative state of mind or maybe some state of mind or state of consciousness, which is not what you experience in your daily life,” he continued.

Akasaka creates sounds for meditations, chanting Buddhist sutras and mantras with music in the background.

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