Belgium: EU to impose new travel restrix on “dark red” COVID zones – VDL

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The EU wants to introduce a new ‘dark red’ zone to label coronavirus hotspots within the bloc, said European Commission President Ursula von Leyen in Brussels on Thursday after a virtual summit on the pandemic with EU leaders.

“In order to keep our external and internal borders open, we need targeted measures that keep us all safe,” von der Leyen said.

“So we propose that a newly introduced category of dark red. A dark red zone would show that in this zone the virus is circulating at a very high level. Persons travelling from dark red areas could be required to do a test before departure as well as to undergo quarantine after arrival.”

The EU chief urged people to avoid all national and international non-essential travelling, saying the situation was still ‘very serious’ in Europe amid the circulation of new coronavirus variants.

Referring to the concept of a coronavirus vaccine certificate, the president commented that “a documentation of vaccination is a medical necessity,” adding that the ‘WHO’s yellow international certification’ was the ‘gold standard’ in the area, before stressing that the “use to be made of this certificate must be very carefully considered.”

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