Belgium: EU’s “Green Deal” hopes to decarbonise by 2050 – EP President Sassoli

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President of the European Parliament David Sassoli briefed the media on the first day of the two-day European Council summit in Brussels on Thursday.

Speaking on the EU’s new Green Deal, the main focus of the first day of the European Council summit, Sassoli stated “we introduced the work of the [European] Council on the three big questions of the agenda of today’s meeting. The Green Deal, how to finance it, how to support the fund for a just transition.”

“We have been very clearly saying what we want regarding the Green Deal – a fund for a just transition, which would be adequate, capable to equilibrate the efforts that each of the countries are making to arrive at decarbonisation by 2050,” the EP President added.

Sassoli continued, “the Green Deal is not [economic] decline, it is growth. It is more jobs, more investment, more growth, and obviously this must be supported by adequate resources.”

As well as climate change, EU leaders were also discussed a range of foreign issues, including the EU’s long-term budget. On Friday, during the second day of the summit, leaders are expected to discuss preparations for the United Kingdom’s Brexit from the European Union.

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