BEST PITCHES: Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae pitch lures Peter Jones! | Dragons’ Den – BBC

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Entrepreneurs have come up with many weird and wonderful ways to separate the Dragons from their cash over the years, from serenading them with a song to terrifying them into submission with a mocked-up zombie attack. This episode features some of the most impressive – as well as toe-curling, badly misjudged – pitches.

One bold entrepreneur is hoping to relax the Dragons by coaxing them into a voice-coaching massage chair. But has he got the measure of his audience right? And will his pitch end in riches or rages? Another hopes that flattery and red roses are enough to seduce the Dragons into investing in his musical gift service. But it seems there is one sure-fire way to the Dragons’ wallets and that is through their stomachs, as proved by one of the Den’s most successful entrepreneurs, Levi Roots.

Dragons’ Den: Best Ever Pitches | Series 1 Episode 5 BBC

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