Brazil: Colombians living in Sao Paulo airport ask to be repatriated

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Some 200 Colombians affected by the COVID-19 pandemic have been living in Sao Paulo’s Guarulhos International Airport, asking for Bogota to repatriate them for the past two weeks, as seen in footage from Sunday.

The families made up of adults, children and elderly people were seen sleeping on the floor of the airport’s Terminal 2. The group is asking to return to Colombia, because they have no jobs or money left to live in Brazil.

“The Colombian government is not giving us an answer, since all the people who are here at the airport have no money to pay for a return flight,” said Colombian citizen Luis Miguel.

“We don’t have even one Real to survive. We live thanks to the charity of Brazilians and some Colombians who have lived here many years,” said Colombian citizen Nubia. “The airport has given us the opportunity to be here and to not have to go out there, since winter is starting and we have many little ones. We only ask to be able to go back home, to return with our families.”

An airport team is reportedly in contact with the Colombian Consulate in Sao Paulo and is awaiting action.

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