Brazil: Demonstrators launch campaign to remove President Jair Bolsonaro

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Groups of protesters gathered in the Patriarch’s Square in Sao Paulo to demand the destitution of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, on Friday.
Footage shows demonstrators wearing masks and holding signs, banners calling for the president’s removal.
“‘Out Bolsonaro’ it is not only because we do not want two more years of this madman in office, but also because behind this clown, there is a project to dismantle the state, a state incapable of producing public policies for the people,” said Sergio, one of the protesters.
The protest is part of a national movement that, under the label ‘Out Bolsonaro’, has started to pressure for the president’s removal, who is being held responsible for minimising the threat of the coronavirus pandemic. On Tuesday, Bolsonaro confirmed that he had been infected with COVID-19.
As of Friday, Brazil had registered 1,755,779 cases of COVID-19, and 69,184 deaths related to the virus, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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