Chinese artist makes sculptures out of discarded tyres

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Cao Shengge is a 30-year-old tyre sculpture artist from Tan village in China’s Hebei province. He has been using discarded tyres to make sculptures for about several years now, and he has made nearly 200 sculptures so far.

The sculptures he has made range from dinosaurs, characters or monsters from superhero movies and games to characters of traditional Chinese folklore tales.

Cao Shengge studied graphic design in college, but he still finds that making sculptures is very challenging. “I think the most challenging part is transforming the 2D picture into a 3D sculpture,” Cao said in his open-air workshop on Friday.

Unlike most college students who would choose to live in a big city to find a stable job, Cao Shengge decided to return to his small village home town, and luckily he can focus on making the things he loves with the support of his family.

Cao Shengge’s sister Cao Shengyue has been helping him to take care of some basic works, and they enjoy to work together with their family around.

“Even though life is hard sometimes, as long as our family sticks together, everything is good. At least the whole family is united together,” Cao Shengyue said.

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