Chinese miners rescued two weeks after explosion | DW News

Eleven miners have been lifted to safety two weeks after an explosion trapped them 600 meters below ground at the Hushan gold mine in China’s Shandong province. A dramatic rescue operation is gathering pace. 22 workers were cut off after the blast at the mine in Shandong province. One of them was confirmed dead several days ago.
A breakthrough after two weeks of intense rescue efforts. This man grateful to be alive. His eyes shielded after he emerged from underground. He could walk, others too weak to stand.
Boreholes were their lifelines: vital supplies including food, water and medicine were lowered to the miners. A psychologist also provided support to the trapped workers.
The explosion happened in an air ventilator shaft. After major blockages suddenly fell to the bottom, rescuers were able to reach a man trapped alone 630 meters underground. The others, one of whom died, were found at 540 meters.
Ten more people remain unaccounted for – life detectors are being sent down to locate them.
Nine managers have reportedly been detained for failing to report the blast for more than 24 hours. It’s a dangerous line of work in China – nearly 600 mining-related deaths were reported last year alone.


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