Colombia: Factory makes masks and clothes from recyclables

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Malune is a Colombian fashion brand with its own production capabilities that has been working with natural and recyclable materials, specifically the textiles found in PET plastic bottles, to create sustainable face masks during the pandemic as well as women’s clothing. Malune’s factory and store can be found in Bogota, where staff allowed videographers to film their processes on Sunday.

Founder of Malune and fashion designer Claudia Tovar and her team work to provide consumers with a social, environmental, cultural and economic well-being. “As a result of the pandemic, we have had to get involved in protection and fashion. Our new accessory is the mask,” explained Tovar.

“The difference that our face masks have is that we use anti-fluid fabric from recycled PET plastic bottles,” Tovar went on to explain.

Malune began to manufacture sustainable mouthpieces that can withstand up to 50 washes and with the fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.

Despite having evolved into a large organisation, Malune has kept some of its familiar links. “It is an effort that we are doing with my granddaughter. She is a designer. She gives me the ideas, I capture them and we carry them out,” explained seamstress at Malune and Tovar’s grandmother Maria Nelida Narino.

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