France: Airbus announces major jobs cuts as aviation hit by “gravest crisis” industry has ever known

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Mandatory credit: Airbus

Airbus Group CEO Guillaume Faury announced major companywide jobs cuts in a video address published on the company’s website on Tuesday in the face of the aviation industry being hit massively by the coronavirus outbreak.

The company will reportedly cut 15,000 jobs, equivalent to 17 percent of its workforce, over the next 12 months due to the COVID-19 outbreak that has decimated the industry. The move was decided in order “to protect the business from the gravest crisis our industry has ever known,” said the Airbus CEO.

“Given the scale of the crisis and the share of our business that has disappeared for the foreseeable future, there’s still a need for adaptation. This means we consider that a reduction of positions cannot be avoided,” explained Faury.

Reports suggest that the job losses will be made up of approximately 5,100 cuts in Germany, 5,000 more in France, 1,700 in the UK, 900 in Spain the remaining cuts will come mainly from China and the US.

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