France: Migrants and associations occupy an old school in Paris to demand shelter

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Between 200 and 300 homeless migrants, supported by three associations (Right to housing, coordination of undocumented migrants and Utopia 56), occupied an old pre-school in Paris on Sunday.

The school, located in Paris’ 16th arrondissement, had been abandoned and left to decay two years ago, prompting organisers to refurbish the place in order to turn it into a shelter suitable for living.

“It’s very cold (outside), it’s snowing, something needed to be done. We’ve alerted the government several times and never heard back from them so today we acted,” explained Redha, a member of one of the organisations behind the settlement project.

According to reports, the mayor of Paris said on Sunday afternoon that they will provide two gymnasiums to accommodate the migrants, as the school is ‘not heated, not secure.’

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