France: Yellow Vests flood Charles de Gaulle Airport protesting privatisation

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A large number of demonstrators joined by Yellow Vests flooded Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris on Saturday, protesting against privatisation of country’s airports.

Footage shows protesters holding banners and sings, chanting and handing out flyers. Some were talking to passengers to get signatures for the petition to stop the process.

“We are here to underline that the referendum against the privatisation of Paris airport obtained 1 million signatures so we expect, as Macron said, that if we got 1 million signatures, he would consider another decision as it is by the law 4.7 million signatures. So for nine months we have been informing people, we had our million signatures for the referendum and we hope Macron will keep his promise,” explained protester Yadluck.

The government intends to sell 50,6% share of Aeroports de Paris (ADP). According to the law, 4.7 million signatures must be collected to trigger the referendum on the issue, though Macron is quoted to have lowered the threshold to one million.

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