Germany: 100 military vehicles cross River Elbe in drills ahead of NATO mission

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A hundred military vehicles and 250 soldiers crossed the river Elbe near Tangermunde, in Saxony-Anhalt, as part of German Army drills on Friday.

The drills called Heidesturm’ (Heath Storm) is a preparation for the tank unit from Munster before they join a NATO-allied defence and deterrence military posture in Central Europe called Enhanced Forward Presence (EFP).

Military ferries, each of which can transport up to two battle tanks, could be seen crossing the Elbe driven by motorboats.

Heidesturm is scheduled to finish in two weeks at the battle training centre in Letzlinger Heide, according to Thomas Poloczek, Lieutenant at the Saxony-Anhalt command.

“At the end ‘Heidesturm’ is a training which, with the drills session in the battle training centre, is the certification for this unit. Than this battle unit, as we say, will build in the beginning of 2021 the German lead part of the battle group of the operation ‘Enhance Forward Presence’ in Lithuania,” Poloczek said.

Soldiers from the Netherlands were supposed to participate in the drill, but the trip was cancelled due to a surge of Covid-19 infections in the country.

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