Germany: Berlin public transportation halts as BVG workers go on strike

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Commuters reacted as employees of Berlin’s transportation company Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) halted the majority of public transport services in the German capital on Tuesday morning, as mass public transport strikes were being called in the country.

“You have to stand up for your interests, but on the other side I am a passenger and it is a bit complicated, I had to walk here from Moritz Platz just to take the train from here,” said a resident outside the busy Alexanderplatz where dozens of the German Verdi union members had gathered to demonstrate demanding a higher wage.

Similar strikes took place across the country as Verdi called for a warning strike to push for a collective wage agreement for the country’s 87,000 employees.

Berliners who found alternative routes took regional or suburban trains, which continued to operate, while others had to use their bikes or walk large distances.

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