Germany: Berlin residents rally in support of Belarusian protesters

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Dozens of people rallied in Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz on Thursday, to express solidarity with Belarus opposition in the wake of the protests sparked by the results of the presidential elections in the country.

Demonstrators were holding signs reading “Stop killing Belarus,” “Stop killing our people” and against President Alexander Lukashenko and police brutality in the country. A section of the Berlin Wall memorial at Potsdamer Platz was painted in red in solidarity with the protesters.

“We are here to show our solidarity for all people in Belarus for being repressed, even murdered and beaten up for their desire to have a free and fair election,” said Veronika Saniuk, a protester.

Another protester, Karina, told a story of how her best friend went missing for several days without even taking part in any protests.

Her parents “panicked” as they, according to Veronica, couldn’t get any information on their daughter from police and local authorities.

Clashes erupted across Belarus soon after the announcement of Lukashenko’s reelection, who claimed he won over 80 percent of the votes in Sunday’s election despite the international concern about the fairness of the process.

Dozens of people were injured while thousands had been reportedly arrested during the protests in the country.

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