Germany: Deutsche Bahn-powered robot to assist passengers at Berlin’s central station

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German railway operator Deutsche Bahn (DB) presented SEMMI, a service robot designed to assist travellers, at Berlin’s central station on Wednesday.

SEMMI, which stands for “Socio-Empathetic Human-Machine Interaction,” was off to a bumpy start due to internet connections problems by not reacting properly to journalist’s requests or answering questions with significant delays.

“That is the biggest problem as we could see in the morning [internet problems]. But you have to say that when we install these systems in train stations we can connect it to the fibre glass internet rather than connecting it to the Wi-Fi,” explained Sabina Jeschke, a member of DB’s executive board.

SEMMI, which appears to be a robot, is in reality an artificial intelligence software similar to Apple’s SIRI and is able to assist travellers in different languages.

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