Germany: Fancy paying €60 for a bottle of fresh German air?

Salinenluft company founder Stefan Butz demonstrated his homegrown German-air product, ‘Salinenluft,’ near Bad Kreuznach on Friday. The bottled air is produced close to the town in the Saline Valley.

Salinenluft is, according to Butz, particularly beneficial to one’s health since it features heavily salinated air. The product retails at €60 ($63) a bottle.

SOT, Stefan Butz, Salinenluft company founder (German): “I have just performed an olfactory test. Now in winter the saline is not active. Thus the air is not salty and therefore has no saline air. We must wait again until the saline will be turned on. Only then can the production continue.”

SOT, Stefan Butz, Salinenluft company founder (German): “We have customers worldwide, all over the world and, of course, in particular wherever the air is particularly bad. For this reason we have also chosen these kinds of countries as our main export markets. For example, China suffers from a smog problem, but obviously Moscow or St. Petersburg would be an interesting alternative.”

SOT, Stefan Butz, Salinenluft company founder (German): “Salineluft is therefore very special and is particularly beneficial to one’s health, because it comes from the Salinental [Saline Valley]. The Saline Valley is located in Bad Kreuznach, west Germany, and is Europe’s largest open-air inhalation centre.”

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