Germany: Former AfD Brandenburg chairman leaves post over alleged extremist ties

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Former Alternative for Germany (AfD) Brandenburg leader Andreas Kalbitz temporarily stepped down from his role after a special meeting of the party parliamentary group for Brandenburg in Potsdam, on Tuesday.

Kalbitz, who allegedly concealed his membership in a group with ties to neo-nazis, was ousted from the party by a ruling of the federal executive board earlier in May. The decision was confirmed by a party arbitration panel on July 25.

Despite the decision, Kalbitz was re-elected chairman after a Berlin court deemed the decision illegal, and stating that special party courts have to decide over the termination of membership.

“Towards my suggestion, the faction decided in one voice, or rather agreed with my suggestion to let the chairmanship of the faction rest till the decision of the temporary legal protection proceedings at the district court of Berlin and then we will talk again”, said Kalbitz.

Dennis Hochloch will temporarily take Kalbitz’ position, as he confirmed.

“I’m not expecting that the district court of Berlin will change its argumentation foundation. It is not going about the content of the main process, but it is very clear about the process itself. The process has been called very clearly as inadmissible by the district court of Berlin,” Hochloch added.

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