Germany: Halle shooting was ‘terror’, suspect charged with double murder – Top prosecutor

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German Chief Federal Prosecutor Peter Frank said that shootings in Halle yesterday “was terror” while speaking to the press alongside German Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht in Karlsruhe on Thursday.

“What we experienced yesterday was terror. According to our findings, the accused Stefan B. set himself the goal yesterday of carrying out a massacre in the Jewish community of Halle,” Frank said.

Lambrecht echoed his remarks, saying “this was a right-wing extremist terrorist attack by a single perpetrator. We assume that he acted for anti-Semitic, right-wing extremist reasons and had the Jewish community in the synagogue in Halle as his target… only by fortunate circumstances, if one can say that in this context, he did not succeed in getting into the synagogue.”

Frank went on to say that “According to our knowledge and assessment, Stephan B. wanted to create a worldwide effect by the live footage of the crime, by his comments during the crime, by his manifesto and his plan,” and added that German authorities have accused “Stephan B. of double murder and attempted murder in nine cases and other crimes. We have requested an arrest warrant from the Federal Supreme Court’s investigating judge. Stefan B. will be brought before the investigating judge of the Federal Supreme Court here in Karlsruhe today.”

Lambrecht also spoke about the need to protect Germany’s Jewish community and said “we must make it very clear at this point that we must protect our Jewish fellow citizens much better. Our solidarity is with them and it is part of our reason of state that Jews can live safely in Germany.”

On Wednesday, two people were killed after a man opened fire near a synagogue where the Jewish community was observing the holiday of Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. According to reports, one woman was shot dead outside the synagogue near a Jewish cemetery and one man killed in a nearby kebab shop.

A 27-year-old male named Stephan B. has been arrested, according to a spokesman for the German Federal Prosecutor. The attack appears to have been motivated by “extreme far-right and anti-Semitic” views, according to German reports. The suspect live-streamed the attack on Twitch, an online video-game platform, before being arrested.

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