Germany: New SPD leadership tout the welfare state, democracy at close of party convention

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The Social Democratic Party (SPD) leadership promised a welfare system that will stand “side by side” with the people, as other speakers denounced Trump and EU asylum politics on the third and final day of the SPD convention in Berlin on Sunday.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas vowed “to promote the necessity of a new arms control architecture, including the new weapon systems.”

German Bundestag SPD Member Siemtje Moeller argued that not meeting the two percent NATO spending target would not threaten security, which she attributed to “terror, by the rising China, by changing power structures, by Russia, by Trump, by Erdogan and surely by the climate.”

Maas called transatlantic relations “unrecognisable” with US President Trump, as Lena Odell, an SPD politician from Munich, chastised “the wall he [Trump] wants to build.”

“We criticise the situations in the camps in the USA, we criticise when people drown in the Rio Grande. The EU asylum politics is just as much as a shame,” she said.

New SPD co-leader Norbert Walter-Borjans said that the SPD will move society forward and “kick out the rabble rousers and the mob from the parliaments, and that democracy proves its strength.” Co-leader Saskia Esken also called for a “renewed” government.

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