Germany: Protesters rally outside Polish Institute in solidarity with jailed LGBT activist

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More than 100 protesters gathered outside Polish Institute in Berlin on Sunday to show their solidarity with recently jailed LGBTQI activist Michal Sz. aka Margot.

Activists were carrying LGBT flags and signs denouncing what they call repressive actions by the Polish government. The protest came just a matter of days after Polish authorities arrested around 50 LGBTQ protesters in Warsaw.

Michal Sz. (full surname kept private under Polish law) was arrested in suspicion of committing an act of hooliganism. She was accused of taking part in an attack on a pro-life activist as well as destroying property and faces up to five years in prison.

“She destroyed a truck that actually was spreading misinformation about the queer community because it was linking the queer community to paedophilia, which is fucking disgusting, O.K. What I want to say is that she got taken into custody, she is going to sit in prison for two months,” stated a speaker during the protest.

On Saturday, Polish police announced that they had detained 48 people after protesters attempted to stop them arresting Michal Sz.

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