Germany: Thousands denounce coronavirus restrictions at Dortmund rally

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Some 2,800 people gathered in central Dortmund on Sunday to denounce coronavirus restrictions.

Many protesters believe coronavirus restrictions threaten freedom and limit rights.

On March 11, German Chancellor Angela Merkel explained that the measures were necessary in order “to win time in the fight against the virus.” Merkel stressed that the goal was not to overwhelm the German health system.

**Translations of soundbites**

SOT, Protester (German): “So I am here to show that the measures are not proportionate and that many people have questions that also need to be discussed with politicians. The problem is that there is only pro-coronavirus agenda in discussion and there are no more debates. That reminds me me of the past. I come from East Germany and I am very worried that this will be a dictatorship.”

W/S Protesters holding banner reading (German): “When injustice becomes right, resistance becomes a duty!” *CUTAWAY*

SOT, Protester (German): “I am here because I am afraid for our democracy. Children should wear face masks during lessons. I think it’s the biggest disaster of all, especially in this weather. The protest is about democracy, freedom, love, unity and what shocks remained in recent months. This pandemic is just a fraud. It is about a lot of money, corporate industry and other financial investors that want to sell more fabrics and that is, as I said, a huge fraud and that is what we are demonstrating here.”

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