Greece: 700 refugees queue for ferry to mainland amid EU relocation programme

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Some 700 refugees gathered their belongings from the makeshift migrant camp of Kara Tepe, on the Greek island of Lesbos, to board the Blue Star Ferries ‘Chios Island’ sailing towards Greece mainland on Monday evening.

The migrants who have been granted asylum in Greece carried their belongings inside a bus that would transport them to the ferry, as a military truck supervised by soldiers was being loaded with bags.

The Ministry of Immigration and Asylum is preparing the relocation in collaboration with the European Commission, who will transport the recognised refugees to the European Union member states that have offered to contribute to decongesting the islands.

Greece is expected to relocate 2,300 more refugees to mainland between Thursday and Monday, relieving the new Kara Tepe camp that served as a temporary shelter for around 10,000 migrants who lived in the overcrowded Moria migrant camp that was destroyed in a fire.

The refugees are expected to stay in hotels in mainland Greece until they are relocated to other European Union countries.

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