Greece: No more “concentration camps” – Lesbos residents demand relocation of migrants to Europe

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Activits, unionists and locals rallied in support of the refugees’ freedom of movement in central Mytilini, on Tuesday.

The demonstrators were opposing the construction of new camps and demanded to let thousands of refugees depart for other European countries.

“The European Union and the governments must bring immediately boats and even airplanes to take the refugees and send them to their final destinations, the countries that they wish to go,” said Marcel Diano, a unionist who took part in the action.

“We want no more camps,” said Theologos, another protester. “We want the refugees to go to their destinations, where they want to go. And not be confined in concentration camps.”

The tensions on the Greek island of Lesbos soared following last week’s devastating fire at the Moria refugee camp, which left around 12,000 migrants homeless.

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